• Basics

  • What is LOTTO?

    This is the game of chance, known as LOTTO, which is licensed by The President’s Fund. The game is facilitated online utilizing a computerized terminal to record selections and to also validate prize claims.

  • How does the LOTTO Game work?

    The game will be conducted once a week and will entail players choosing six numbers, in any order, out of forty-five available numbers. At the close of each game, a draw will take place to select six numbers from the available forty-five (45) plus an additional bonus ball. The seventh bonus ball shall be considered as a bonus number to receive consolation prizes as per the published pay table. The player may specifically select six numbers, or receive a selection of six numbers randomly generated on the LOTTO TICKET.

  • When may I purchase a LOTTO Ticket?

    Tickets may not be purchased at least 20 minutes prior to the draw that the receipt has been entered into.

  • Claiming the LOTTO Prize

  • How do I claim the LOTTO prize?

    Winning tickets must be presented to a LOTTO agent or outlet within 90 days, or to the Operator’s Head Office within 90 days of the draw date in order to secure a prize.

  • Is there a time period in which to claim prizes?

    Any prize not claimed within 90 days of the draw date for that game is forfeited and shall be applied to any charity selected by The President’s Fund.

  • Draws

  • Are the draws conducted live?

    Yes. The LOTTO results will be determined by a live draw. Six numbers are randomly chosen from the forty-five (45) numbers available. An additional seventh or bonus number will be drawn from the numbers 1 to 45.

  • Are the balls and draw machines tested?

    The official LOTTO independent Auditors will check these balls and machine before every draw, to satisfy themselves that the draw is fair and random. Deloitte is the appointed independent Auditor of LOTTO.